Play History

"Song of the Mountains", Lincoln Theatre, Marion, Va.__"Addison Bluegrass Festival", Addison, N.Y.
"Arcadia Bluegrass Festival", Arcadia, Md.__"Pleasant Hill Carnival", Pleasant Hill, Pa.
"Capitol Theatre", Chambersburg, Pa.__"Fivepointville Fire Hall", Fivepointville, Pa.
"Bethlehem Musikfest" , Bethlehem, Pa.
"Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival", Granite Hill Campgrounds, Gettysburg, Pa.
"National Apple Harvest Festival", South Mountain Fairgrounds, Arendtsville, Pa.
"Bridgewater Bluegrass Festival", Nova Scotia__"Lebanon Valley Bluegrass Festival", Lebanon, Pa.
"Valencia Ballroom", York, Pa.__"Sportsman Association Bluegrass Festival", Pavia, Pa.
"Shrewsbury Carnival", Shrewsbury, Pa.__"Cabin Fever", Williamsburg, Va.
"Airville Fire Hall" , Airville, Pa.__"Fall Festival", Hereford, Md.__"Whitaker Center", Harrisburg, Pa.
"Manchester Carnival", Manchester, Md.__"Jefferson Carnival", Jefferson, Pa.
"Bluegrass Day", Johnstown, Pa.__"Franklintown Firehall", Franklintown, Pa.
"Red Lion TV Station", Red Lion, Pa.__"Seven Valleys Carnival", Spry, Pa."
"Notre Dame College Chapel, Towson, Md."__"Fulton County Fair, McConnelsburg, Pa."
"Lucketts Bluegrass Show", Lucketts, Va.__"Shiloh Fire Hall", Shiloh, Pa.
"Patterson Park Theatre", Balt., Md.__"New Freedom Carnival", New Freedom, Pa.
"Beck and Benedick Hardware Bluegrass Show", Waynesboro, Pa.__"Dallastown Carnival", Dallastown, Pa.